Best Adult Martial Arts Classes In Florida

The Story Behind the Adult Martial Arts Program That's Not Just Teaching Self-Defense... But Changing Lives.

We have one simple mission here: to help as many people as possible live a better, happier life. And we help you do that in 4 ways:

1. Self-Defense: Feel Safe Wherever You Are

The first is to teach you self-defense, so you feel safe & protected wherever you & your loved ones go. And honestly, you'll probably never have to use it in a real-life situation. But it feels good and will help you rest easy to know that you have the tools to defend yourself and the people you care most about.

2. Health, Fitness & Fat Loss

The second is to bring fitness, health & fat loss into your life so you can be healthy, strong, confident & energized. Having a healthy body that's in great shape makes EVERYTHING easier... from your daily chores to getting through the work day without feeling tired & drained.

Plus, our health is the most important thing we have, right? With our classes, you'll become healthier than ever as you get good, rigorous exercise each & every week. And if you have any unwanted weight, there's a good chance it'll come right off! Lots of people lose lots of pounds with our program - helping them feel better about who they are.

3. Self-Development: The Key to a Happy Life

Our next goal is to help you connect more strongly with yourself and all of life. After all, martial arts is as much about personal development as it is about punches & kicks. You'll learn to focus your energy into accomplishing whatever it is you want to in life. You'll learn the discipline it takes to reach your goals. And you'll develop the patience to remain peaceful as everything falls into place.

4. A Positive, Supportive, Clean, Safe Environment

And finally, we provide an awesome environment that makes all of this possible. You can rest assure that our facility is very, very clean. Our equipment is up to date, and our staff is just as committed to your success as you are.

And you'll never feel intimidated & pressured here. You'll always go at your own pace - and we'll always be there to encourage you to go that extra mile. That way you can rest & take it easier when you're feeling tired, and you can go as hard as you want when you're energized and warmed up.

Click below to learn about our program, and to get started with our awesome, risk-free web special. Then you too can experience the power of our program firsthand.

Meet Master Clark

Chief Master William Clark began his martial arts career in 1968 in Omaha, Nebraska, and then joined Eternal Grand Master U.U. Lee’s first martial arts school in 1969. After achieving second degree black belt rank, Master Clark opened his first academy in Jacksonville in 1971.

Master Clark earned the title of American Taekwondo Association instructor of the year in 1974 by setting trends and methods that are now standards in the martial arts business. At this time Master Clark was also involved in full contact competition in the Professional Karate Association, and became the PKA fighter of the year in 1976.

Now an Eighth Degree Black Belt, Chief Master Clark is an innovator of martial arts teaching, competition, and business techniques. His over 30 years of experience in the martial arts has allowed him to be a mentor for countless students and instructors.